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13 Apr 2007

Blog Tip #6: Get backlinks from other blogs

You need as many links as possible to link back to your posts or blog because it will help you build pagerank and get your blog to rank higher in search engines. The more links you have the higher your blog is ranked in Technorati helping your blog to be found easily.

So how do we get backlinks? Basically a lot of hard graft and slogging and cutting and pasting.

  • Link exchanging with other similarly-themed blogs will help you to form richly interlinked networks or communities. This again takes a lot of time online cruising around to find them. Start by searching for your keywords and the word blog...
  • If you find an interesting article on another blog, link to it generously. This means 3 to 5 times from a post on the article. Use anchor text for the other blog, it's normally obvious what their keywords are! The track back will become a link back to your blog.
  • Make sure that your signature for comments includes you blog link (if possible embedded in anchor text). Then start posting legitimate comments in response to posts on other blogs will help you get back links. Regularly post legitimate comments in similarly-themed blogs with high traffic to get many back links.

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