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25 Apr 2007

Secrets of the SCUBA Show Success-AGGRESSIVE MARKETING

Huge Active Market and Aggressive Promotion Make the SCUBA Show a Consistent Winner. 2007 set to be biggest year ever for popular Long Beach, CA event.

The annual SCUBA Show expo will be celebrating its 20th year with expansion, new programs and an expectation of record attendance. Every year for the last 17 years the show has exceeded an annual attendance of 10,000. SCUBA Show 2007 is expected to increase these numbers dramatically with new and aggressive advertising in several dive journals, freeway billboard advertising, web advertising, and more.

Aggressive advertising and promotion is just one of the reasons for the long term and consistent success of the annual expo known as THE Diving Event of the Year!™
Other important reasons include:
• Base population within one-hour driving radius of the show: 16 million.
• California is the largest single diving market segment in the U.S.
• Southern California has the largest concentration of divers in the world.
• PADI & most major equipment manufacturers are headquartered in Southern California.
• California divers are the most active in the country.
• Over 100 dive retailers call Southern California home, the majority of which send representatives to the show

An aggressive direct mail campaign precedes the show using a postal list over 27,000 of active divers and an email list of over 11,000 active divers. In addition, California Diving News, sister company to the SCUBA Show and the most read publication by active California divers, is used heavily to promote the show.
All these thing come into the play for a history of success for the SCUBA Show’s 20 year history and will definitely play a factor in predicted success of SCUBA Show 2007.
SCUBA Show 2007 will take place June 2-3 at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA. For more information on the SCUBA Show, call 310-792-2333, visit www.scubashow.com or email mail@scubashow.com

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