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10 Apr 2007

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale: Boost the Quality and Quantity of Leads to Increase Your ROI

With the complex sale emerging as the norm in today’s business-to-business environment, it’s more challenging than ever to keep a consistent stream of qualified leads in your sales pipeline. You’ve probably lost critical hours by relying on outdated methods or spinning your wheels looking for new tactics to push the sales needle forward.

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale arms you with a sophisticated multimodal approach to generating highly profitable leads. Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch Incorporated and expert in lead generation solutions, reveals key strategies that you can implement immediately to win new customers, accelerate growth, and improve your sales performance.

You'll start by defining your ideal leads and targeting your ideal customer. Then, you'll construct your lead generation plan, a crucial step to staying ahead of your competition long-term. To help you put your plan into action, Carroll guides you step by step to:

* Align sales and marketing efforts to optimize the number of leads
* Use multiple lead generation vehicles, including e-mail, referrals, public relations, speaking events, webinars, and more
* Create value for the prospective customer throughout the buying process
* Manage a large group of leads without feeling overwhelmed
* Identify and prioritize your best prospects
* Increase the percentage of leads who become profitable customers
* Avoid lulls in the sales cycle
* How to increases the percentage of leads who become profitable customers
* Know how to identify and prioritize your best prospects
* Ready yourself for what's next – new and promising tactics

With Lead Generation for the Complex Sale you'll learn how to target prospects early in the buying process and make the most efficient use of sales productivity and marketing resources. Plus, you’ll pursue and capture future opportunities for viable leads.

In a business environment where your competition is growing and your budget is inevitably shrinking, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale gives you the power to drive a fast, optimal return on your investment and keep a steady stream of new customers coming your way.

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