Owning a Tourism Business is awesome

13 Apr 2007


Here is cool wee tool that shows the international nature of our websites.

Locate all site visitors on a map on your blog. See at a glance where your site's visitors are located: instantaneously, even when the numbers are enormous! Visitors don't need to click on anything: just viewing your page is sufficient.

One thumbnail map on your site shows it all: They provide the HTML that gives you a thumbnail map, like the one on the right at the bottom right of my page, and the map embedded here.

Locations of visitors to this page

When it loads, it increments a counter and shows the locations of all the visitors to your page, cumulatively (even for huge numbers). Clicking on it zooms in to a big world map, and lets you zoom in to the continents.

Cool widget for travel sites when the globe is what people are looking for!

See ClusterMaps website to sign up, the best part of course is it's free!

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