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17 Jun 2008

Upgrade to Blended Content

Great little article at EzineArticles.com by Anuj Pathania about not just being happy with text no more. I am right in the middle of blending content on all my websites right now. Easier than i though actually!

"Blended content is a recently coined term in web terminology, and is widely being discussed ever since. Blended content refers to the today's generation content, generated from combination of several multimedia elements available together into one cohesive unit.

Web has evolved into something much more complex, than what it initially was during the time of its conception. World Wide Web has made many fold progress in its underling technology and overcome many constraints such as bandwidth and storage. In its nascent stages it was used to work only for data in form of text with low quality images sprinkled between them, and it made sense considering the very limited processing and networking resources available that time. But now, no such limitation exists and along with increase in technology capacities, there is a similar increase in the expectation of the users which now surf the web.

Today's user are no longer satisfied with mere text, they want a rich user experience using blended content. Blended content includes a large variety of objects such as text, along with images, video, audio, flash, feeds, widgets,etc blended together with each other. List of interactive component which can be embedded into normal content to convert it into blended content is increasing every day, with new stuff rolling out every other day.

Webmasters need to appreciate and understand this fact, and accordingly create new blended content and also upgrade their previous work into this format. Webmasters who fail to adapt to this every changing world will sooner or later perish."

Upgrade to Blended Content

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