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14 Jun 2007

Top 10 Ways to Annoy (& Lose!) Your Website Visitors

All of us have our pet peeves when it comes to surfing the net for information. I am going to post about what I reckon are my Top 10. Let's start with my #1!

Website Annoyance #1: Pop Ups

Pop ups come in many flavors: entry pop ups, exit pop ups, pop-unders, delayed, small, big, multiple, flying, scrolling, always on top, browser stopping, surf interrupting, must be cleared to move on, and the ever popular porn and pharms.

Except for an occasional squeeze page to get a free ebook or report, web surfers HATE pop ups.

So why do they continue to litter the Internet landscape? Simple. They must work for someone. I have yet to find a client with a tourism product who uses such aggressive methods to good effect...

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