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15 Jun 2007

Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla! (updated)

Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla! (updated)

by AmyStephen

Want more about Joomla! ? There are lots of good videos, guides and tips available. These resources are extremely well written and you are going to be ENTHUSED as you find out how smart you are!

Joomla!Tutorials http://www.joomlatutorials.com/

How to Joomla! http://www.howtojoomla.net/

Compass Design < http://www.compassdesigns.net/tutorials/joomla-tutorials/

The "Official" Joomla! v 1.0.x Guide < http://help.joomla.org/

Joomla! Administrator Guide < http://help.joomla.org/content/section/16/153/

FAQ's. There is already a TON of stuff out there that you WILL find helpful - and people expect you to look there BEFORE posting to the forums! (So, try to do that!)

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