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9 May 2007

Backlinks from Amazon.com

Thinking of outsourcing your reciprocal linking? Don't bother. There are many more benefits to linking than just getting links. Consider doing at least some work yourself.

One of the simplest I have come across is writing reviews for products on Amazon.com for example. People click over to Amazon with their credit cards ready to spend money. They are discerning shoppers and they are often repeat customers; they read reviews, they follow links to "what else purchasers of [a particular product] bought".

So write reviews of products that relate to your tourism product. Book reviews are the easiest; follow your nose to the bestsellers or new books in your category at the library.

e.g. for dive centres, write reviews for underwater digital photo books...

Of course you will have to make sure that your website link is embedded into your signature as in one of my earlier posts on this blog!

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