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2 May 2007

The 6 Most Common Reasons Why Web Sites Fail

1. Capturing Info.
The first and most biggest reason why Internet marketing web sites fail is because they fail to capture the name and email address of their visitors. On even the best sites 95% - 98% of all visitors will not initially buy your product.

To help higher your conversion it is mandatory that you collect the names and email addresses of your visitors. To do this simply put an opt in page or pop up that will ask your visitors to join you mailing list or ezine list. To help persuade them into doing this offer an e-book or e-course that is relevant to the subject you are discussing. Now you can continually market to these potential customers when ever you feel like it.

2. Poor Product Selection.
The second reason many internet marketing web sites fail is because they are selling a product that nobody is interested in or has a very low demand. Often times the products maker will tend to think they are the customer. Just because the creator is interested in the product does not mean that others are willing to pay for it.

Before any product is made some tests should be done to see if there is any demand for the product. To do this you can simply go to Goggle and type in the subject and see if anyone is using the PPC ads on the right to promote a similar or related product. In the Internet marketing world some competition is good.

If you know that others are making money in your niche you can bet that people will be willing to buy your product as well. Another thing you can do is start a blog and simply give people a poll or even better yet have them join your list so you can communicate with them directly.

3. Lack of Objective.
The third reason most internet marketing web sites fail is because the site does not have a clean and clear objective. So many direct response marketing sites are loaded with mistakes in the design. To help make your site more efficient take a look at one that you know is. See what they are doing different and make adjustments to your site. Once you have tested all you have to do is add more traffic.

4. Plain
The fourth reason most internet marketing web sites fail is because they don't stand out. Your site will have to grab the attention of your visitors. You generally have about ten seconds to do this. If you cannot get them interested that quickly you will most likely loose them forever.

One test you can do is this. Load up your site. Now load up your competitors. What instantly grabs your attention on their marketing web site? Now take this information and try to do something similar on yours. It is vital that you site stands out and grabs the reader by the eyeballs and sucks them right in. Making your internet marketing web site stand out is vital above the fold. Focus on that first part of your page and then the rest will start falling into place.

5. No Traffic
The fifth reason why most internet marketing web sites fail is due to lack of traffic. We really won't go into much detail on this one since it is a very large subject. Some of the things you can do to get free traffic are to write site relevant articles and submit them to the article directories and write site relevant press releases about products in your niche as well as your site.

If you are willing to spend a few dollars to get your internet marketing site some traffic you can try your luck at PPC. Your best bet is using Google AdWords. This may cost you a little due to the saturation that Google has in most of its keywords. Another alternative may be to use several lesser known PPC sites to try and achieve the same effect.

6. Sales Copy
The sixth and final reason why many internet marketing web sites fail is because of their sales copy. Copy writing is an art. If you are not a fairly experienced copywriter or good with words by all means don't try and write your own copy.

A professional copywriter may end up costing you thousands of dollars but if you know that your product will sell you are much better off going this route. If you do not know what you are doing you may spend weeks if not months testing and tweaking your copy until it sells well. If this is the case I strongly suggest reading a book or two on the subject.

So there you have it, the six most common things that will cause your internet marketing web site to fail. If you take the time to avoid these mistakes you will be leaps and bounds ahead of most others. It sure is not easy to get your page running to its best potential but the rewards are sure worth it.

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