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5 Jun 2012

Submit a Blogger(Blogspot)sitemap to Google webmaster tool

Step by step guide for blogger, WordPress and selfhosted WordPress blog to submit their blog’s sitemap to Google. So whenever you post new article (post), Google will get informed about your blog/site updates.In my last tutorial, you learned how to submit your blog/website to google through Google Webmaster Tool, next we step, we have to do is “Submit your sitemap to this tool. For this process first you need to learn what is sitemap, how to create sitemap for your blog. Process for creating sitemap is different for Blogspot (blogger), Free WordPress, Free weebly and Self-hosted WordPress. Here, is a guide for all platforms to create sitemap and submission to google. After adding my blog’s sitemap to google, I’ve seen 20% of traffic increases from google search engine, though my blog contains only 20 post..
Full instruction here: Submit a Blogger(Blogspot)sitemap to Google webmaster tool

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