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16 Jun 2012

5 Top SEO Tips for Small Travel Operators

Another brilliant little  article from Sam @ muchbetteradventures.com :
So, why would you want to optimise your site in search engines?
Simple really, what do most people do these days when they are looking for something (like a holiday?). Jump on a search engine – Google more often than not. If you want to appear on top of searches and grab those people already looking for you, then it’s something you’ll have to think about. Around 98% of clicks from Google go to those links on the first page, so this is where you’ll want to be if most of your sales are driven by organic traffic.
SEO is a slow burner, without immediate effects, but it’s got to be done, if we want to appear higher in search results. MBA has seen its traffic double over the last year – largely thanks to SEO – so it is worth it! 
As per our article a couple of months ago on Do's and Don'ts for Social Media, we want to pass on some of what we know to anyone interested, and so we’ve put together a set of top tips and resources for small travel operators to help you improve your SEO.

5 Top Tips for SEO

Full article here: 5 Top SEO Tips for Small Travel Operators:

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