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10 Aug 2008

Time Management In Internet Marketing

Time Management in Internet Marketing is a big deal! There is so much information to keep track of, so many ideas to research and so many tasks to do. Unless you practice some sort of time management, you will soon be overwhelmed by it all.

Having a plan in place, and periodically looking at that plan to make sure it's still viable, will you get to the point you want: To Make Money!

Streamline your online tasks by using some of the following ideas:

1. What tasks can you do that will contribute the most to your bottom line? Which will make you the most money? Those tasks should be your first priority - your "A" List. For instance, advertising in an ezine or doing work for a client - anything that could bring immediate income.

2. What things can you do that will bring you income in the future? Perhaps writing articles or visiting forums. These are the things that would be on your "B" List of priorities.

3. Now write down all the tasks tht you do that are wasting your time. These tasks are time consuming and don't really contribute to your bottom line. Perhaps you are reading email that you aren't interested in or surfing sites "just for the heck of it." If you have these on your "To Do" List, take them off!

4. Do you do too many favors for other people? There is a fine line between helping others and doing so many "free" tasks for other people that you can't get your own work done. Networking, and helping others, is important, but don't neglect your own necessary tasks to do them.

5. What do yo HAVE to do for your business? These would include things like bookkeeping, website maintenance, answering email to customers and clients - the things that every business has to do to stay in business. If you are truly overwhelmed by all the administrative tasks, hire someone to help you. For instance, you can hire a Virtual Assistant or even your own husband or teenager to do some of the more mundane tasks.

Use the above ideas to streamline your business. Incorporate your own ideas. Analyzing your "true" priorities "before" starting on your list of tasks for the day, can free your mind from the "overwhelm syndrome."

Always look to your bottom line - your profits. Leaving the high priority tasks to the last means you will be paid last.

Time Management In Internet Marketing

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