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5 Jul 2007

Joomla Templates, Components and Free Downloads for Joomla CMS - Usability, Accessibility, Web Standards, SEO and You

Absolutely great page describing the elements of web design and SEO. As you all know, I am a Joomla convert (earlier this year, a newbie really), but these guys explain it all very simply.

If you're looking for a one webpage summary of how the web pages work and how to be safe with SE's, then spend 5 ins browsing this page



"Usability, Accessibility, Web Standards, SEO and You"


Usability, accessibility and search engine optimization are all phrases used to describe high quality web pages in today's world wide web. In reality, there is a significant amount of overlap between them and a web page that demonstrates the characteristics of one does so for all three. The easiest way to achieve these three goals is to do so using the framework laid out in the W3C web standards.

What makes a good website?

Your website should have a goal. A measure how how 'good' the website is how successful it is in meeting that goal. The goal for an e-commerce site will be very different to a fan portal, but nonetheless, 'good' websites share some common characteristics. In order to meet your goal:

* Viewers have to find your site
* Viewers have to be able to view it easily
* Viewers have to be able to find what they want
* Viewers must think your website is credible

There is significant overlap between these characterstics. The things that make a site easy to find are the same ones that make it viewable, navigable and credible. Let's take these characterstics one at a time and"

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