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5 Jul 2007

FAQ's for resorts

Looking for easy ways to expand your site and give you more pages to SEO with your keywords? A simple way for small and medium reosrts (and big ones for that matter) is to create an FAQ page on your site.

A few hints:
  • Make each subject or question a link to its own page and focus each page on 1 or 2 keywords.
  • As a start, try to add 10 of these types of FAQ pages to your site. Each page should be about 300 words. Any less than 200 and it probably won't be indexed so this is no good. Elaborate your answers, and add a couple of paragraphs. Remember no duplicate copy....
  • You can come up with ideas for FAQ'by reviewing your customer and guest emails and inquiries and trying to determine what they might not understand about your resort and the kinds of questions they might ask.
  • Then post the questions and the answers.
This is a very easy way to add great content to your site and to help potential guests feel secure about your resort.

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