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23 May 2009

YTB - World Travel Network

Here you will find very useful information on YTB products and services. There is a wealth of information about YTB and we don't want to labor you with a lot of reading material. With that said, we're going to touch upon a few links that will provide you with enough information about this well designed home based travel system.

Once you've had an opportunity to touch upon the below links, send us an email or give us a call, and a representative will be more than happy to answer any questions relative to YTB. So let's get underway.
YTB PowerPoint Video Presentation
Here is a PowerPoint presentation that provides a wealth of information relative to YTB products and services.
Conference Calls
Get valuable information from key note speakers. Dial-in, listen and learn! Hot Topics -
  • Leadership with "Coach" Tomer
  • Getting Started with YTB
  • How to Use a Marketing Site
  • Association Division Travel Training
  • "Ladies Only" Call
  • Weekly Travel Training
    Travel Booking Engine
    This is what your Travel Site will look like but with your personalization. Take time to review all of the links. This is the hot-spot for your 60% commissions.....
    Marketing Site
    This is what I call my management or back-office site. This is where potential RTA team members come to join. Not only is this where you come to join but all sorts of general accounting takes place here as well. I get excited every morning I log into this site
    Benefits of Referring Travel Agent
    Enjoy the Benefits of a Referring Travel Agent.
    Benefits of a Home Based Business
    Enjoy the Benefits of a Home Based Business. Before we bring closure to this brief overview, let's go over the difference between a Referring Travel Agent and a Representative.

    YTB - World Travel Network

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