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7 May 2009

Social Media Dos and Donts

Some might say there are no rules of conduct within the realms of social media. And they’re right. Hard and fast rules haven’t been adopted.

At the same time expectations of etiquette clearly do exist. 57% of the people attending Week 4 of the Lawrence & Schiller Social Media Boot Camp webinar series say they consider etiquette every time the post online. The remaining 43% think about it occasionally.

What are the behaviors to avoid? What things must you do? And what workplace considerations should you take into account? Click on the player below to view the recorded archive of “Social Media Dos and Don’ts”. Or scroll down for a brief recap along with poll results collected during this webinar.

Whole article here: Social Media Dos and Don’ts | L&S Unscripted

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Lawrence & Schiller said...

Thanks for the post - we're glad you've joined us in our Boot Camp sessions!

Robin Temple
Lawrence & Schiller