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8 May 2009

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Why is Web 2.0 so important in the travel and tourism industry? Because travelers operate in a circle as they start to plan trips and book trips. They dream about a Destination or Activity. They plan and research their trip or vacation. They book their travel, hotel, resort, tour, or attraction. When they return home from their trip, they share their travel stories, travel blogs, travel photos, pictures, and travel videos from their vacation. If you are a hotel operator, then travelers are blogging about your hotel online. If you are a tourism board or Destination or CVB, then tourists and travelers are blogging and podcasting about your Destination when they get home.
Users love to tell friends about where they just went for vacation. They share photos with friends and swap stories about their trip online in social networks and social networking communities. Online communities are perfect for sharing travel blogs and travel stories with photos. If a user had a positive experience then they will tell their friends and family about their trip.
If you put a social network on your own site, then you can benefit from social media and viral marketing. Tourism boards and DMOs and CVBs should all consider building their own social networks and online social communities for travelers and tourists. To do this right you will need the best social networking software as well as a digital strategy. You need a partner that understands the travel and tourism market as well as Web 2.0 and Travel 2.0 and social networks. You need a firm that can implement a social media strategy to help you launch your new travel community online. With the right partner and social networking tools on your website, you can start to build your own Internet community.
Social networking software for the travel and tourism industry is different than other industries. Social networks and social networking for your travel business, CVB, DMO, resort, hotel, cottage, cabin, B & B or travel organization can help your online business grow. Travel social networking software and social networking tools for travel companies will build a solid foundation for your users to share content.
Use travel social media marketing to help move your travel business ahead of the pack.

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