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7 Sep 2007

Top 10 Reasons Prospects Leave a Landing Page

(Courtesy Atlas NetConversions)

Landing pages have long been considered an after thought when it comes to an online campaign. Many marketers rely solely on their outbound marketing to drive conversions and neglect the landing page altogether. In other words, many marketers think that the campaign does the bulk of the work and the landing page simply is a conversion receptacle. Not true!

Campaigns are built to drive traffic to the site. Some of that traffic may even be well-qualified depending on creative, placement and messaging. However, your landing page is the critical piece to the overall success of your campaign. Your landing page must convince, engage, and provide enough information to your prospect to stick around and hopefully sign-up or buy what you are selling them.

Atlas NetConversions has been collecting and analyzing the behavior of over 4 million web users on clients’ websites for over 5 years. With all that data, we have a pretty good idea of what works to convert customers and what doesn’t. A la David Letterman, here are Atlas NetConversions’…

Read the full 10 points (whoich are spot on!) here: Travel Team Consulting: Solutions

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