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4 Sep 2007

SiteProNews: 10 Truths About Obtaining Better Google Rankings

10 Truths About Obtaining Better Google Rankings
By Kevin Gallagher (c) 2007

I have read hundreds of articles telling me how to get better rankings in Google. Some of this advice was very good and some was not. Here you will find 10 truths about getting better rankings in Google that I personally have found to be true after years of research. So let's cut through the fat and get to the lean meat of the subject.


About The Author
Kevin Gallagher is the managing director of Umbrella a custom website design company in the Scottish Borders providing small business website design, website builder software and affordable company SEO services.

1 comment:

Philip Caines said...

Great find, these 10 steps are sure to help any site at a fundamental level.

Great to hear you are coming to Whistler for ATTA's conference. i should see you there!


Phil Caines