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1 Aug 2007

SKYPE! Major business boost and cost savings!

Skype provides a selection of great features for businesses of all sizes, and is an excellent tool for small to medium tourism products in the far flung areas of the world as well as closer to home.

Here are a good list of the features available through Skype. Download it here.

Skype calling Skype calling - Skype -to-Skype calls are absolutely free. By switching your employees to Skype you remove the cost of internal calling. If clients or business contacts are using Skype you can call them for free as well.

SkypeOut SkypeOut - An easy way to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles direct from Skype . See our cheap global rates.

SMS SMS - A quick, easy and cheap way to get in touch with colleagues or clients instantly when they’re not online, unavailable or simply on the move. Save time by sending text messages from your computer instead of your mobile phone.

Business Control Panel Business Control Panel - An online tool allowing you to manage the Skype credits for your company. You can allocate SkypeIn numbers and Skype Credit to colleagues or enable auto top-up.

SkypeIn SkypeIn - If you have an international presence, this is the perfect way to provide a local number for your clients to call you on. SkypeIn works just like an ordinary phone number and you can direct it to your computer or Skype phone.

SkypeMe! button SkypeMe! button - You can provide your customers with the option to click a button and call you for free directly from your website.

Conference calling Conference calling - Set up a conference call in seconds (for free), or easily add new people to an existing call.

Group chats Group chats - A great way to discuss ideas with customers or colleagues, everyone can keep track of the conversation and participate when they are available.

Video calls Video calls - Business communications can be greatly improved by seeing the person you are speaking to. Video calling with Skype is free - all you need is a webcam.

Voicemail Skype Voicemail - Takes your calls when you are not available. You can check them for free wherever you have internet access, anywhere in the world.

View Outlook contacts View Outlook contacts - View and call your Microsoft Outlook® contacts quickly and directly from your Skype contact list.

Shared groups Shared groups - Set up shared groups for teams and easily add new contacts to the group.

Chat history Chat history - A record is kept of all chat messages which can be easily searched at a later date.

Call forwarding Call forwarding - If you are away from your computer, you can set up call forwarding to a landline or mobile phone at standard SkypeOut rates.

Enterprise Compatibility Enterprise Compatibility - IT administrators can control the behaviour of Skype software within their network by disabling various features (for example, file transfer).

Windows Installer Package Windows Installer Package - MSI installer makes it easy to deploy Skype software to multiple computers in your network.

Skype for Business Control Panel

Organise your company's Skype accounts centrally and allocate credit or automatically recharge accounts, and manage invoicing with one simple system.

The Skype for Business Control Panel is a free tool to help business users centrally manage Skype accounts within their company.
  • Web-based tool - quick and easy to sign up
  • Centrally manage your Skype accounts.
  • Allocate credit to employees.
  • Automatically recharge accounts.
  • Print consolidated invoices

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