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15 Aug 2007

Bounce Rate: Sexiest Web Metric Ever?

Okay I just got asked about the bounce rate on Google Analytics by one of my clients here in Fiji. I started to write an email toi explain, and then stopped and thought "hey there has to be a good explanation of this here somewhere..."

There is, here's the best I found from Avinash Kaushik:


Bounce Rate: Sexiest Web Metric Ever?

It is quite likely that the biggest challenge for you is that you are spending tons of time, energy, and budget on web marketing efforts yet conversion rates (or ROI) are stuck in the 2 to 4 percent range, or perhaps a bit higher for your direct marketing efforts. You are trying really hard to figure out how to improve the performance but you are stymied by the fact that there is ton of data and you have no idea where to start. Ms. Bounce Rate to the rescue. Bounce rate is a beautiful way to measure the quality of traffic coming to your website. It is almost instantly accessible in any web analytics tool. It is easy to understand, hard to mis-understand and can be applied to any of your efforts."

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