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20 Jan 2010

The Extra Minute: Marketing Green Initiatives

In honor of Earth Day, The Extra Minute serves up a special edition. The topic… Marketing Green Initiatives.
Natalie Eisenberg, account executive at Lawrence & Schiller, prepared this list of six suggestions for companies that have been hesitant to take the first steps into marketing their efforts to sustain the environment.
  1. Don’t Wait. You don’t have to be completely green before promoting your efforts. Celebrate and communicate your small successes.
  2. Perfection is not the goal. Focus on progress and improvement.
  3. Be Yourself. Stay true to your brand voice and personality when tackling and marketing environmental efforts.
  4. “What’s in it for me?” Green fatigue is real. Be ware of ’save the world’ messages. Instead communicate the primary benefits for your customers.
  5. Walk the walk. Do as much as possible.
  6. Be Prepared. Expect criticism. Get ready to explain your company’s position.
From: The Extra Minute: Marketing Green Initiatives | L&S Unscripted

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