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31 Oct 2009

Zoopy added to international video service TubeMogul - Zoopy Blog

We’ve got some exciting news. Exciting for us, our existing users and the many new users who are still about to discover Zoopy.

Over to the official press release for the juicy bits:

TubeMogulSouth African media sharing site Zoopy.com has entered into an international partnership deal with leading online video distribution and analytics service, TubeMogul. Zoopy is the first African company to partner with the Silicon Valley company, alongside media heavyweights such as YouTube, Microsoft, and MySpace.

Under the terms of the deal, Zoopy will be added as a syndication partner on TubeMogul, which allows users to upload a video once and then automatically deploy it to the Web’s top video sites. The partnership forms part of TubeMogul’s growth across the globe, with Zoopy being added to a select list of top video sites.

Brett Wilson, CEO and founder of TubeMogul, comments: “Zoopy provides advertisers and content creators a unique opportunity to reach the African continent, which is obviously exciting.”

Zoopy added to international video service TubeMogul - Zoopy Blog

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