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14 Jun 2009

50 Tips To A User Friendly Website – Designing Interactive

Here is a list of 50 things that I keep in mind on every website that I build. Some of these are secrets I have acquired from the best designers in the world, and some of them are standard every day practices. Either way, these tips will improve your visitors experience on your website.

  1. Clicking on the logo should take you to the home page;
  2. Your logo/site title should be positioned in the top left of the page;
  3. Duplicate your main navigational links in the page footer with links to additional, but less prominent pages;
  4. Keep your navigation positioning consistent from page to page;
  5. Don’t open links in a new tab/window, except PDF’s and embedded documents;
  6. Highlight your current location in your navigation bar;
  7. Use reasonable sized fonts (12px or larger);
  8. Make sure font sizes are flexible (Use em’s or %, not px);
  9. Sans-serif fonts are easier to read at small sizes;
  10. Serif fonts are easier to read at large sizes;
Full list here: 50 Tips To A User Friendly Website – Designing Interactive


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