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18 Jul 2008

YouTube and original content

Here's a question for the more advanced SEO's

Let's say I create a video- this video, it's summary, etc are all original content

I want to show the video on my site, but of course i want to submit it to YouTube and other video sites so i can get it in front of the largest crowds.

Problem is, I'd like the search engines to give me credit for the video (original content) so how would i go about doing that?

Is it as simple as hosting the videos on my site first, waiting for the SE's to index the pages and then submitting to the video sites such as YouTube?

As far as i know, videos dont get indexed... unless they have been submitted to youtube etc. Its the wording in the description, tags and link text to the video that determine what it will be found as.. eg: you could have a video of a pig eating a twinkie and describe it as the first moon landing, as far as the serps will know it is the moon landing and not a pig.

If i were you i would customize the clip to have a splash screen at the beginning and end with your url and logo. Create a profile for your website or business in youtube so that all your vids are linked to you, then if someone is interested in you because of the video - they can be directed to your website after seeing your profile and realising you arent some funky kid dumping vids. - i would rather have 50 visits off youtube than one from a person who found the vid on your site first. - plus, once on youtube it is easier to put it on your site tongue

You would be amazed at how many videos are not what they say they are, hence youtube gives users the option to flag videos. I recall some kid labeling his clip a porn video and all that was in the video was him bitching about why people put porn videos on youtube... eish

YouTube and original content

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