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29 Jul 2008


Two highly respected former Google engineers have launched a new search engine called cuil, pronounced “cool.”

I don’t know for sure, but perhaps the name is a reference to the more visually appearing interface design. You be the judge. Apparently, this new search engine project has been under development for a couple of years.

Cuil claims to have indexed more than 120 billion web pages. Google doesn’t disclose how many pages their index contains.

Cuil’s indexing method claims to index web pages based on semantic methods considering how keywords are related to each other. Cuil lists results three across a page, rather than ten down like Google. Each listing also contains more summary text than Google and also includes an image which is often the logo of a business if the listing is a business.

Cuil is accepting submissions for websites which it has not crawled. It is still a little buggy. When searching on a keyword phrase we track for a client, I found the client’s listing on the first page, just the same as Google. Then, a few minutes later cuil said it didn’t find any listings for the same keyword phrase.

I wonder how they can launch a competing search engine to Google without violating a non-compete, or intellectual property copyrights. Let’s watch closely over the coming days, weeks, months to see if Google takes any legal action.

I’m sure we’ll be writing about cuil more in the future. We’ll watch it to monitor the impact it has on the search industry.


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