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16 Oct 2007

SEO, Accessibility, Usability and Web Standards

So another way of looking at what makes a good website is to describe it in new terms. A good website is:
  • Search engine optimized
  • Accessible
  • Usable
Many of the factors that make a site better at one of these also improve it in another, there is lots of overlap between them. For example, a site that is (x)html semantically structured (the xhtml explains the document, not how it looks) will be easily read in a screen reader by someone who has poor vision. It will also be easily read by a search engine spider. Google is effectively blind in how it reads your website.
Another way of thinking about this is graphically.
A good web site will have lots of overlap. Here we have introduced the idea of a framework of W3C valid code. A site that is validates to the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) web standards has a much better foundation for making it accessible, usable and search engine optimized. Think of these as building codes for your house. A website built with them is stronger and safer. You can check your pages with the W3C's HTML validation service. for free. At its simplest, a site that meets W3C validation uses semantic (x)thml and seperates content from presentation using CSS.


About half of searches on the web are done with Google. What does it take to get a good SERP with this search engine? Patent #20050071741 or "Information Retrieval Based on Historical Data" (Google) describes over 118 factors that effect a web site's position in search engine's rankings.
Some of the more important on-site factors are:
  • Keywords in title tag, h1/h2 etc tags, alt text, URL and site links
  • High keyword density in body, (content seperated from presentation) preferably near beginning
  • Small Pages <30k
  • Themed pages
  • Efficient internal link structure
The negative on-page factors include:
  • Text presented in graphics
  • Excessive JavaScript
  • Excessive Flash
A well organized usable page that is designed to be accessible will have a better chance of acheiving high SERP. You can find more details about SEO at www.compassdesigns.net/articles/webmarketing/seo-guide.html

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