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17 Oct 2007

Great updates at the ATTA World Summit in Whistler

A few of you know that I am currently in Canada after attending The Adventure Travel World Summit in whislter in BC.

Anyway one of the main things that came out of it for me was that VIDEO is neede by all my sites and clients to keep up at the leading edge of SEM. So much so that I spent a few hours chatting with the pros, including Anupam from Mixpo.

His blogs are very informative... And I am quoted...

Conversion: Lookers to Bookers

We attended the Adventure Travel World Summit in Whistler last week. This is the premier international event for the adventure travel industry with executive level participation, excellent networking, and just a cool venue (Whistler). It turned out to be everything we expected, and more. The most energizing thing for us was the lively discussion with customers (ranging from tour operators to destination marketing companies to resorts to publishers….), which is refreshing compared to so many other industry events where industry people talk to each other about what customers are asking for and need. But where’s the customer in all that discussion?


A few such businesses we met were the owners of Matava (Fiji), Tui Tai (Fiji), and Roam (Canada). They are all extremely passionate about the Internet as a sales channel, and took the leap of faith early on to move their entire marketing online, and are now extremely knowledgeable and creative to make use of its full potential. In fact Stuart from Matava mentioned “We realized 3 years ago that there was a freight train coming. Brochures, DVDs etc weren’t working. We decided to move 100% online especially as Fiji is so remote. And now our growth is better than ever. This has been fantastic for us. It truly is the world wide web”. Pioneers such as Stuart, Tige and Brian from these 3 companies will continue to push the boundaries with emerging technologies. We have a lot to learn together in this exciting journey.

Anupam Gupta


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