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15 Feb 2007

News Aggregators

News Aggregators: "Web-based aggregators

These are sites that aggregate feeds for reading in a browser.

* 24bytesSimple Blog RSS/Atom aggregator
* 24x7 News24x7 Medical News Aggregator
* 24eyesWeb 2.0 RSS aggregator
* AggregatoTag-based RSS/Atom aggregator (R)
* Alesti Feed ReaderWeb 2.0 RSS reader
* AlmondRocksSimple aggregator
* Attensa Onlineis a free AJAX RSS reader that works like a dedicated RSS reader application.
* BeanRocketSocial aggregator (R)
* BlogLinesFolder style aggregator (R)
* Blox0rSimple news aggregator
* ClickBioClickBio Biological News Aggregator
* Chrysanth NETime Channel Online RSS/Atom aggregator and RSS/Atom preview (R)
* Editaste Aggregator, also enables creating feeds comprised of arbitrary items (free)
* FeedBucket RSS/Atom aggregator with River-of-News or individual feeds
* FeedFeeds RSS/Atom aggregator that also features FeedTV
* FeedLounge Commercial aggregator (N)
* FeedReader.net Your personal web XML/RSS news reader
* FeedShow.com RSS feeds reader / includes RSS monetization
* FeedZilla Dutch online RSS aggregator (N)
* FlipSkipper River-of-news style web based aggregator
* Freepress An political-news weblog aggregator with a set list of feeds, grouped by political party


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