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18 Apr 2006

What is RSS?

RSS content is also referred to as a feed. Many people say that "RSS" came from "Really Simply Syndication" but the good thing is that you don't have to know what it means to use feeds. A feed is simply a way in which a reader may subscribe to website content, such as a blog or news site. A news site, for example, may list their latest headlines or entire articles in their feed every time a new article is published. A blog would publish this feed as a series of recent posts. Feeds are published by millions of publishers, from small individuals to large organizations like The New York Times.

A feed may also be referred to as an RSS feed, RSS channel, RDF feed, XML feed, or Atom feed. But all are essentially the same thing.

Here are a few examples of how syndicated content may be represented on a website:

Feed icon XML RSS RDF RSS 1.0 Atom feed

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