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16 Dec 2015

6 key travel trends for 2016 ~ TripAdvisor Insights

New Insights from the World’s Largest Traveller and Accommodation Survey

The results are in! 

More than 44,000 travellers and hoteliers shared their perspectives in our latest TripBarometer study. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the trends that will affect your business in 2016.

Key insights include:

The number one deal-breaker for travellers when choosing an accommodation

Which services guests would pay extra for

Whether global room rates will rise or fall in 2016 – and why

We asked more than 44,000 travellers and hoteliers about their plans. Here’s what we heard.

Why will people travel in 2016? How will these travellers decide what to do and where to stay? Will they spend more or less than they did in 2015? And what impact are their choices having on the travel industry as a whole?

Our latest TripBarometer study answers all of these questions and more. Conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor by independent research firm Ipsos, TripBarometer is the world’s largest traveller and accommodation survey, analysing more than 44,000 responses from travellers and hoteliers around the globe.

Download the full report from the menu at TripAdvisor, and carry on reading for a look at trends that will shape the travel landscape in 2016.

- See more at: https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/TripAdvisorInsights/n2670/6-key-travel-trends-2016?mcid=34045#sthash.7CrHXhw7.dpuf

6 key travel trends for 2016 | TripAdvisor Insights:

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