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12 Jun 2014

12 questions about TripAdvisor TripConnect you were too embarrassed to ask - Tnooz

TripAdvisor, the giant review site, has launched an advertising bidding tool called TripConnect.

For the first time, independent hotels and bed and breakfasts worldwide can bid directly in auctions to drive traffic from TripAdvisor to their websites.

Owners of small properties will be able to drive TripAdvisor users to their own booking engines, sidestepping middlemen like online travel agents (OTAs) and Google Search. If you own a hotel or B&B but find the above statements confusing, or if you aren’t comfortable with technology and digital marketing, then this blog post is for you. Think of this as “the missing manual” for TripConnect.

See more at: http://www.tnooz.com/article/tripadvisor-tripconnect-metasearch-auction-independent-hotels/#sthash.5s5upm42.dpuf

12 questions about TripAdvisor TripConnect you were too embarrassed to ask - Tnooz

1 Jun 2014

TripConnect: Rate & Availability Marketing on TripAdvisor

TripConnect is a powerful and exciting new way for hotels, inns and B&Bs to compete for bookings on the world’s largest travel site.

TripConnect empowers accommodation owners to generate new business by bringing visitors who are ready to book directly to their website’s booking page.

What are the key benefits?

Sign up for TripConnect and exponentially increase your exposure and opportunities for direct bookings:

Maximize bookings. Drive travelers directly to your booking engine. TripConnect sends travelers who are ready to book straight from TripAdvisor to your website’s booking page.

Increase revenues

Turn direct bookings into upsell opportunities. TripConnect sends travelers directly to your website — where it’s easier to upsell guests to higher-priced rooms. Generate higher per-guest revenues by using your website’s upsell capabilities!

Reduce costs

Make more by spending less. When you generate more direct bookings, you spend less in commission fees. TripConnect brings the power to maximize direct bookings to your fingertips.

TripConnect: Rate & Availability Marketing on TripAdvisor