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24 Sep 2014

'Your booking engine should be making your life easier; not harder', by Marc

The market for online booking engines is heavily saturated with solutions varying from a simple booking button to fully-featured software suites that integrate the entire process from your website to your in-house reservation system.

It is a daunting enough prospect for global chains to decide on which to use, but for the independent hotel or hostel, the choice can be overwhelming.

Do you go for a full-featured suite of software so that you know, at least, that all eventualities are covered (an expensive option), or do you risk signing up for one of the smaller, more basic booking engines but potentially suffer the headache of upgrading at a later date when you realize a feature is missing?

Not to mention the tedious manuals and in-house training you will invariably need to navigate once you have signed up.

Full article here: Digital explore hotel, hostel and accommodation booking engines in the current market and why simplicity is key.

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