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3 Oct 2010

TripAdvisor's new Reviews at a Glance

Reviews at a Glance
Launched in September, TripAdvisor's new Reviews at a Glance feature summarizes the most frequent review phrases for hotels with over 50 reviews. With it, travelers can quickly browse the pros and cons of booking at a particular property, and click on various quoted phrases to quickly read the full text of relevant reviews; they no longer need to dig for the details they're most interested in.
For example, take Hotel Giraffe in New York City. While reading all of the hotel's more than 650 reviews could take some time, Reviews at a Glance summarizes the most common review phrases, such as "Very Nice, "Great Location," and "Free Internet," in a box above the most recent reviews. This allows consumers to get a quick snapshot of the overall traveler sentiment on a property without having to read through dozens of reviews at a time.
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