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4 Aug 2010

New Insights Go Live For Facebook Page Admins

Facebook previously announced a new Insights product back at the company’s developer event earlier this year, and while the new Insights product was available, it wasn’t completely integrated into the Pages product. This evening, Facebook has fully pushed out the new Insights product and it should be visible to all Facebook Page administrators. The new Insights don’t actually provide much additional insight, however it is definitely much cleaner than before.

Facebook has been making a number of upgrades to Facebook Pages recently. Most important to Facebook Page administrators is the impending update to Facebook Page tabs which will be resized to a smaller width. One interesting change to the new Insights product is the inability to view the absolute number of fans based on country. Instead, Facebook has opted to display demographic information as a percentage.

Aside from that, there’s really not much else to see. If you want to view the upgraded Facebook Page Insights you can do so here.

AllFacebook Insights Screenshot

New Insights Go Live For Facebook Page Admins

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