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26 Jul 2010

Guidebooks out, laptops in

People are more inclined to reach for their laptops as opposed to guidebooks for research during holiday stays, reveals research from insurer AAMI.

While 33 per cent of travellers take their laptops to find a restaurant, learn a phrase, or book accommodation, only 25 per cent of travellers have been using guide books.

"[W]e might one day see the end of travellers rifling through a dog-eared travel guide while on the road," AAMI spokesperson Mike Sopinski said.

Aside from general research about the destination, 84 per cent of the surveyed travellers used their electronic devices for emailing uses, while 54 per cent checked bank balances and 27 per cent booked accommodation.

According to the findings, 82 per cent of Australian travellers travelled with a digital camera, while 74 per cent went a mobile phone, 35 per cent with an iPod, and 9 per cent with an iPhone.

With the increasing number of electronic devices being carried overseas, insurers are pushing for Australians to look after their valuables.

"With so many Australians travelling overseas with expensive communication equipment, travellers should seriously consider travel insurance as essential protection against not just accidents or illness, but also for their belongings," Mr Sopinski said.

Guidebooks out, laptops in: research - Technology News - etravelblackboard.com

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