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9 Apr 2008

Link Building Tips

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All of the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Live) place a strong importance on one way back links to determine you’re websites ranking. Think of link building like running for an election (I think KingPin should be the next Prime Minister btw ;)) the more votes you get, the higher in the polls you are right?

For this article I’ll sharing some important “must know” information on link building and strategies to help you improve you’re one way link building.

I’m not trying to teach you to suck eggs but I’m starting with the basics because many people forget the fundamentals and that is the main cause of not getting the link or doing it all wrong.

Beginning with the very basics, a link is a way of getting from website A to website B. An ‘internal link’ is a link within the same site. An ‘external link’ is from you’re site to someone else’s site. The meaning of ‘back link’ is that your site is being linked to from another website.

Understand? Good, now the next part..

There are four different types of linking….

1) Web address (URL) Link - This is simply a website url that is a link.

2) Static Link (Textual Link) - This is the most common link type (a word or phrase that is clickable)

3) Image Links - An image link is an image that you click on to get taken to another webpage.

4) Dynamic Links - These types of links are Javascript usually and while they also take you from one site to another, they have other bits of code in them to perform special functions.

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KingPin’s SEO Blog » Organic SEO Blog, Advanced SEO Tips and SEO news

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