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10 Dec 2007

The Importance of Profiles on Social Sites

Damn near any popular site which lets you create a user account works, as long as those user accounts are search engine accessible. If you're not sure about this then find some of the other profiles on the site and search Google for the web address where the profile is listed. If the page shows up in Google, then you know Google is indexing the individual profiles from that site.

An Amazon reviewers account is a good example. Make sure your reviewer name is the same as your business name . Since these profiles are subpages of the Amazon-Amazing-Url they rank well, especially for keywords such as business names.

The easiest and best in ,my opinon are the following. And yes I do have a user account on these sites for myself and one for each of my clients (sometimes 2 if they have a couple of niches, e.g. diving and fishing).

Use your business name as the profile name, blog name, or page title, as instructed by the site. For example, if your business name is Adventures Fiji, create pages such as:


...and so on and so on....

Creating a Squidoo page about your business can also be very effective. Here's a list of other sites where I have used to create a personal or business profile that will often rank highly in the search engines:

These are some of the best ones, but there are many others. They're all easy ways to get your business name on an authoritative domain where it's likely to rank highly. Adding links and additional content to these pages makes them even more powerful.

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