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4 May 2008

Top Ten Mistakes in Dive Store Website Design

Missing in Action

Dive store websites can suffer from the same design mistakes common to all websites. “Splash” screens, “Mystery Meat” navigation and hard-to-read text are just a few of the blunders many dive store websites share with websites in general.

There are ten goofs, however, that are especially bad when dive stores do them. In this article, we will look at each of these and how you can avoid them. Then, once you have learned what not to do, we will show you several things you will definitely want to do in our companion article, Secrets of Effective Dive Store Websites.

Here is what we cover in this article:

10. Too Much Text, Too Little Info
9. Hiding From Google
8. No Corresponding eNewsletter
7. “Mailto” Links
6. Do-It-Yourself Websites
5. Sites That Make Users Hunt for Answers
4. No Clear Path to Certification
3. Stale, Outdated Information
2. Websites That Never Change
1. No Website at All

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