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26 May 2009

Viral Email Marketing Tips Resources

The money is in the list is the cliche term you often hear the internet marketing elite utter. Building an Email marketing list can be a very daunting task for someone new to the internet.

The advantages of email marketing is undoubtedly powerful. The question is how to build an opt-in email marketing list fast without spending a whole lot of money? The answer to that question is viral marketing.

In this lens I will provide you with the tips and resources to grow your email list fast using viral marketing strategies.

Viral Email Marketing Tips Resources

23 May 2009

YTB - World Travel Network

Here you will find very useful information on YTB products and services. There is a wealth of information about YTB and we don't want to labor you with a lot of reading material. With that said, we're going to touch upon a few links that will provide you with enough information about this well designed home based travel system.

Once you've had an opportunity to touch upon the below links, send us an email or give us a call, and a representative will be more than happy to answer any questions relative to YTB. So let's get underway.
YTB PowerPoint Video Presentation
Here is a PowerPoint presentation that provides a wealth of information relative to YTB products and services.
Conference Calls
Get valuable information from key note speakers. Dial-in, listen and learn! Hot Topics -
  • Leadership with "Coach" Tomer
  • Getting Started with YTB
  • How to Use a Marketing Site
  • Association Division Travel Training
  • "Ladies Only" Call
  • Weekly Travel Training
    Travel Booking Engine
    This is what your Travel Site will look like but with your personalization. Take time to review all of the links. This is the hot-spot for your 60% commissions.....
    Marketing Site
    This is what I call my management or back-office site. This is where potential RTA team members come to join. Not only is this where you come to join but all sorts of general accounting takes place here as well. I get excited every morning I log into this site
    Benefits of Referring Travel Agent
    Enjoy the Benefits of a Referring Travel Agent.
    Benefits of a Home Based Business
    Enjoy the Benefits of a Home Based Business. Before we bring closure to this brief overview, let's go over the difference between a Referring Travel Agent and a Representative.

    YTB - World Travel Network

    20 May 2009

    All-Travel Ad Network: Drive More Qualified Travelers to Your Website

    For your next campaign, stop testing and start attracting more qualified travelers. Why not work with the best? Travel Spike is the first and largest All-Travel Ad Network. With over 500 million Travel page views per month, we are the Travel and Tourism Experts who are Travel 2.0 Pioneers

    Our sites cross many segments of the travel sector including: leisure travel deals, luxury travel, golf, destination guides, social networks & community websites.

    Travel Spike has helped over 400 travel & tourism clients drive more traffic to their destination or CVB’s website with our Web 2.0 technologies that apply directly to your travel business. We can create an exclusive email to qualified travelers and promote your travel deals directly on our all-travel network. This is the best way to get extra travel clicks through our network for your travel website.

    Read full article here:

    All-Travel Ad Network: Drive More Qualified Travelers to Your Website « Interactive Travel Marketing Online Tourism Digital Strategy Destination Marketing

    16 May 2009

    YTB-Your Travel Biz-YTB-Online Travel Franchise-YTB Travel

    YTB brings you the perfect opportunity to transform your life through combining the fun of travel with the speed of the Internet, multiplied by the power of referral marketing to provide YOU with the ultimate home-based business solution. YTB is taking the industry by storm!! By combining an advantage-rich, home-based business (built around the Internet) with an extremely lucrative (and copyrighted) compensation plan, YTB has become "The Choice" for thousands of opportunity seekers. In today's marketplace, myriads of companies seek your time and attention, each claiming that their opportunity is the best. By combining the powerful information handling capability of the Internet with the world's most dynamic product (TRAVEL) and the personal touch of independent, home-based business people, YTB has joined these three trends together in a flawless combination. The Internet is opening the doors to the riches of travel as never before. By utilizing our simple strategies and proven techniques we can show you how to leverage your time to generate a residual income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. YTB Offers You top A real, tangible home-based Travel Agency Business you can run from anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your kitchen table! Huge discounts on hotels, car rentals, luxury cruises, upgrades, exotic vacation packages and many more travel perks Personal travel agent photo ID card and credentials State of the art travel agency in greater St. Louis Up to 60% paid commissions on your personal website Online booking engines Affiliate marketing program Company familiarization trips Total service and support And so much more!

    YTB-Your Travel Biz-YTB-Online Travel Franchise-YTB Travel

    12 May 2009

    Tourism as social network

    While "Science & Technology Parks" (STPs) were born in the States some 50 years ago (previously inside large companies, suddenly as autonomous centers)in order to support the development of industrial companies,
    Torism Business & Culture Park was born as a nonprofit organism in Florence some 3 years ago, in a club of Florentine friends, with the aims of supporting the developmentof local companies operating in cultural tourism.

    Actually there are roughly 200 Science & Technology Parks in 53 Countries in the world.

    Our Project is a Virtual Park over internet that support the new protocols for Tourism and Culture

    Tourism as social network

    8 May 2009

    Interactive Travel Marketing Online Tourism Digital Strategy Destination Marketing

    Why is Web 2.0 so important in the travel and tourism industry? Because travelers operate in a circle as they start to plan trips and book trips. They dream about a Destination or Activity. They plan and research their trip or vacation. They book their travel, hotel, resort, tour, or attraction. When they return home from their trip, they share their travel stories, travel blogs, travel photos, pictures, and travel videos from their vacation. If you are a hotel operator, then travelers are blogging about your hotel online. If you are a tourism board or Destination or CVB, then tourists and travelers are blogging and podcasting about your Destination when they get home.
    Users love to tell friends about where they just went for vacation. They share photos with friends and swap stories about their trip online in social networks and social networking communities. Online communities are perfect for sharing travel blogs and travel stories with photos. If a user had a positive experience then they will tell their friends and family about their trip.
    If you put a social network on your own site, then you can benefit from social media and viral marketing. Tourism boards and DMOs and CVBs should all consider building their own social networks and online social communities for travelers and tourists. To do this right you will need the best social networking software as well as a digital strategy. You need a partner that understands the travel and tourism market as well as Web 2.0 and Travel 2.0 and social networks. You need a firm that can implement a social media strategy to help you launch your new travel community online. With the right partner and social networking tools on your website, you can start to build your own Internet community.
    Social networking software for the travel and tourism industry is different than other industries. Social networks and social networking for your travel business, CVB, DMO, resort, hotel, cottage, cabin, B & B or travel organization can help your online business grow. Travel social networking software and social networking tools for travel companies will build a solid foundation for your users to share content.
    Use travel social media marketing to help move your travel business ahead of the pack.

    Social Networking Web 2.0 Travel Industry Social Media Marketing Destination Organization Podcast Tour Operators SEO « Interactive Travel Marketing Online Tourism Digital Strategy Destination Marketing

    7 May 2009

    Social Media Dos and Donts

    Some might say there are no rules of conduct within the realms of social media. And they’re right. Hard and fast rules haven’t been adopted.

    At the same time expectations of etiquette clearly do exist. 57% of the people attending Week 4 of the Lawrence & Schiller Social Media Boot Camp webinar series say they consider etiquette every time the post online. The remaining 43% think about it occasionally.

    What are the behaviors to avoid? What things must you do? And what workplace considerations should you take into account? Click on the player below to view the recorded archive of “Social Media Dos and Don’ts”. Or scroll down for a brief recap along with poll results collected during this webinar.

    Whole article here: Social Media Dos and Don’ts | L&S Unscripted

    6 May 2009


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